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TRASE launches 2018 yearbook with data on the sustainability of production chains

Soybean production area in western Bahia.

*THE Trase 2018 Yearbook - Sustainability of production chains: risk of deforestation in Brazilian soy exports presents the latest studies on the sustainability of global agricultural commodity production chains associated with tropical deforestation, based on Back. These data allow us to link commodity production and its impacts associated with deforestation with companies and consumer markets. The Yearbook highlights the exports of Soy where recent deforestation peaks in both the Amazon how much in Cerrado alarms sounded and generated new business commitments. Soybean expansion in the Cerrado is responsible for one of the world's most dynamic agricultural frontiers. Remember that the Cerrado is considered one of the most biodiverse forms of savannah. In the newer Cerrado soybean frontier region, known as Matopiba, acronym for the states of Maranhão, Tocantins, Piauí and Bahia, around 37% of soybean expansion in the last decade it was made through the direct conversion of native vegetation.

The material is available in digital version and can be accessed on here!

* Text taken from the Trase 2018 Yearbook, Sustainability of production chains: Risk of deforestation in Brazilian soybean exports https://yearbook2018.trase.earth/, Transparency for Sustainable Economies, Stockholm Environmental Institute and Global Canopy.

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