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ENVIRONMENTAL SUITABILITY IN RURAL PROPERTIES: the application of the Environmental Regularization Program (PRA)



The Biomes Project aims to develop and incorporate tree solutions for sustainable use of Brazilian farms and to enable farmers and technicians as potential implementers and multipliers of these solutions. Regarding the new Forest Code, this project seeks to integrate the supply of agricultural and forest products, increasing the possibility of economic gains linked to the conservation of the environment. The project, the result of a partnership with the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), is implemented in the six Brazilian Biomes (Pampa, Pantanal, Amazon, Caatinga, Cerrado and Atlantic Forest) and It is managed through national and regional coordination. Embrapa Cerrado is responsible for managing activities in the Cerrado.

Between the days June 25 and 27, 2018, at Embrapa Headquarters in Brasilia (DF) the environmental adaptation course of the rural property was held, which included the realization of the Project Biomes, Brazilian Forest Service, Secretariat of Extractivism and Rural Development, Ministry of the Environment , National Confederation of Agriculture and EMBRAPA.

Environmental Adequacy Course

The course aimed to test a proposed menu for a course in distance education so that farmers, technicians multipliers and professionals can work on the environmental adequacy of rural properties, in support of the Environmental Regularization Program provided for in native vegetation protection legislation. In which analysts and researchers from EMBRAPA, SFB, SEDR-MMA, ICMBio, EMATER, SENAR, CNA, DF Secretariat of Agriculture, SEMA, IBRAM participated, among others, with activities in the analysis and implementation in restoration, restorers, environmental managers, that is, important actors for the development of the Environmental Regularization Program. 70 people were expected to attend.

Check the schedule:

June 25th

8h Course Opening: Reception of participants and Presentation of the Project Biomes and Event Expectations. CNA & #8211; MMA & #8211; Embrapa

8h30 Challenges for conservation and restoration of the Cerrado Biome. José Felipe Ribeiro, Embrapa

10:00 Break

10h30 Cerrado vegetation: biotic and abiotic factors. José Felipe Ribeiro, Embrapa

11h30 Interactions flora and fauna in the restoration. Marcelo Kuhlmann & #8211; Biomes Project

12:15 pm Lunch

1:15 pm Collection, processing and storage of seeds of native species for environmental recomposition. Maria Cristina de Oliviera & #8211; UnB FUP

2:15 pm Nurseries and seedling production of native species. Maria Cristina de Oliviera & #8211; UnB FUP

3:15 pm Break

15h30 Brazilian Seed and Seedling Legislation applied to seeds and seedlings of native or exotic forest species and those of medicinal or environmental interest. MAP

5 pm Closure of the day

June 26th

8h Strategies for restoring degraded or altered forest environments & #8211; Risks and challenges associated with RAD

Daniel Luis Mascia Vieira, Embrapa

10:00 Break

10:30 am Strategies for restoring degraded or altered savanna and country environments Alexandre Sampaio & #8211; ICMbio

12:30 pm Lunch

13h30 Monitoring of overwriting jobs: Why, what, who, where and when to monitor? Daniel Luis Mascia Vieira, Embrapa

3:00 pm Break

3:30 pm Practice: Monitoring of recomposed areas. Alexandre Sampaio & #8211; ICMbio; Daniel Luis Mascia Vieira and José Felipe Ribeiro, Embrapa

5 pm Closure of the day

June 27th

8h Environment Web System. What it is, what it is for and how to use it. Allan Milhomens & #8211; SEDR / MMA

9h Biodiversity Conservation: Sustainability and Innovation. Financial analysis of the models. The Restoration Chain Business! José Felipe Ribeiro, Embrapa

10:00 Break

10h30 Federal Environmental Legislation: Law 12.651 / 2012, CAR, PRA and PRADA. Understand the Native Vegetation Protection Act (12.651 / 2012) and its importance in restoration. Janaina Rocha & #8211; SFB / MMA

11:15 am Situation of CAR and PRA in the Federal District. Amanda Porto & #8211; IBRAM

12:30 pm Closing