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Check out easy and practical recipes with baru nuts



Brigadeiro de baru. Photo: Lula Lopes / Collection Cajuí Digital Communication

Brigadeiro de baru 

By chef Eliane Regis 


400g condensed milk 

200g of fresh cream 

3 tablespoons of baru flour 

2 tablespoons of butter at room temperature 

Baru nut flour to sprinkle the brigadeiros 

Butter for greasing

Preparation mode

Baru flour 

To be made into flour, the baru nut must be roasted. Remove the shell and beat the almonds in a blender or processor. 


In a saucepan, place the condensed milk, baru flour, sour cream and butter. Mix well and bring to a low heat, stirring constantly until it comes off the bottom of the pan for about 10 minutes. Remove it from the heat, transfer the contents to a buttered dish and let it cool. Grease your hands with butter, make spheres and finish with baru flour.

Baru paçoca. Photo: Raimundo Sampaio / Cajuí Digital Communication Collection

Paçoca de baru

By Cerrado Pitadas 


80g of baru nut

20g of cassava flour

40g of honey

10g of water

Preparation mode

Beat the peeled baru nut in a blender until it turns into flour. Reserve. Then, beat the cassava flour in a blender until it reaches a very fine consistency. Reserve.

Mix the two flours with the honey and water until it becomes a homogeneous mixture. Reserve 5g of the mixture for finishing. Make 10g balls (as if they were brigadeiros) and pass them in this mixture. If you want it more loose, pass it through a sieve (as in the photo).

Baru kid's foot. Photo: Thamirys Andrade / Cajuí Digital Communication Collection

Baru brat's foot 

By Thamyris Andrade


. 300g (2 cups) sugar 

. 600ml (6 tablespoons) of water 

. Roasted and lightly chopped baru nuts 

Preparation mode 

Bring the water and sugar to a fire in a saucepan. Stir the mixture until it caramelizes and reaches the wire point. Add the chestnut and stir well to incorporate it into the syrup. Pour the mixture over the marble stone (or aluminum form). Wait for 1 minute to cool and cut the candy into squares.