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Rural communities receive training in rural property management in DF



The team of Bartô Networkthrough the project “Agroforestry providing ecosystem services”, held in April training in the pre-settlement Rosely Nunes, located in the Pipiripau River basin, northeast region of the Federal District, 55 km from the center of Brasilia (DF).

Thirty community-based men, women, youth and adults participated in the training in Rural Property Management, which aimed to teach the basics of the administration of rural property. & #8220; This training has a continuing character & #8221; reported Rafael Pinzón, project leader. Household monitoring will be maintained throughout the seedling production and planting process, especially throughout production on each family's property. The main topics addressed were home, property and health management, property and food, property and production, property and agroecology, sustainable agriculture, agroecological transition, property management and marketing, and controls for property management.

The training sparked interest in property management from housing management. The working groups suggested improvements to improve the community's quality of life from hygiene in the family environment. Important aspects for property management were also on the agenda, such as the acquisition of inputs and tools, planting, care for crops, harvesting, storage and marketing.


Photo: Rede Bartô