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Get to know the Cerrado Museum


In the imagination of many people in Brazil there is a stereotype of Cerrado illustrated by dry and gnarled trees, thick bark and thick leaves but not only crooked trees lives the Cerrado, it also has a wide variety of cacti, bromeliads, orchids, palms and grasses; 480 plant species are endemic, that is, it only exists in this place of planet Earth; This makes it have a high diversity of landscapes constituted by different vegetation physiognomies that place it among the savannas of the greatest floristic richness in the world.

The Cerrado is still perceived as a subsystem of the economy; The people, flora and fauna that inhabit and conserve them are an externality and even a hindrance to the production process but what many people do not know is that much of Brazil's agricultural GDP is in the Cerrado, at the same time. that all the remaining non-agricultural GDP depends on the Cerrado because it depends on the waters that flow from here. 25% of the national grain production comes from the Cerrado, four out of every ten heads of the cattle herd and half of almost 10 million tons of charcoal produced per year in the country. However, there is a risk that without conservation of the Cerrado, Brazil will lose its agricultural and environmental wealth. Without rivers there will be no life; without water there will be no agriculture, without vegetation there is no water. Without the Cerrado aquifers, there will be no rivers.

The lack of knowledge about their socio-biodiversity by society in general has justified its destruction, for this reason we created the Cerrado Museum in 2017 as a way to show its importance in the life of all Brazilians. Its mission is to disseminate scientific knowledge and popular knowledge and practices about the Cerrado's socio-biodiversity.

We can only teach about the Cerrado if we know it thoroughly. We can only keep it if we take care of it. We only take care of what we love and it is for the sake of the Cerrado that we created the Cerrado Museum as a way to show its infinite beauty and importance in the lives of all Brazilians.

Anyone anywhere in Brazil and around the world can access the Museum any day of the year as long as they have internet access.

The Cerrado Museum can be found at:  www.museucerrado.com.br


* Text by Rosângela Azevedo Corrêa & #8211; Museum Curator 

Faculty of Education - University of Brasilia