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Project promotes conservation actions of the faveiro-de-Wilson

The wilson's faveiro has been studied, monitored and protected since 2003 by the faveiro-de-wilson Conservation Program. Currently, the native population is reduced to less than 300 adult individuals in the wild, largely due to habitat destruction. The project Handling and protection of the Wilson's faveiro (Dimorphanda wilsonii), performed by Society of Friends of the Belo Horizonte Zoobotany Foundation, aims to increase the protection of this species and its habitat through the implementation of actions of its National Action Plan (PAN), working on conservation and awareness through community engagement.
The 2nd Wilson's Faveiro Encounter was held last May, in the City Hall of Maravilhas-MG. At the time, 20 rural owners who have the species in their properties were gathered and other collaborators that help in its search and conservation. Fernando Fernandes, project leader, gave a presentation about faveiro and the research and conservation work that the Society has been doing in the region.
See more in the video below: