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Meet the Observatory of Socio-Environmental Conflicts of MATOPIBA

by Karla Oliveira, via the College of Planaltina, University of Brasilia

This year the workshop was held “Launch of the Matopiba Socio-Environmental Conflict Observatory”. This is an initiative of Planaltina College of the University of Brasilia and from Foundation of Scientific and Technological Enterprises (FINATEC), and with the support of the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund) and Brazilian Institute of Education (IEB) for its realization through the project Agricultural Border and Nature.

The purpose of this workshop was to bring together a high-expertise group to discuss the impact of socio-environmental conflicts in the Matopiba region. It had about 50 participants from 28 institutions including federal universities, representatives of social movements and representatives of NGOs that act in the biome Cerrado.

Members of the MATOPIBA Observatory. Photo: © University of Brasilia College of Planaltina Collection

The proposal now is to join efforts to create a platform for discussion and monitoring of the various conflicts between agribusiness and local communities. Since Matopiba is the so-called “last agricultural frontier”, socioeconomic and environmental analyzes in the region require a perspective of academic research that seeks to understand conflicts and their respective solutions.

In addition, the Matopiba Observatory aims to support the actions of conservation from studies on social and environmental conflicts in the region. For more details, email us at: observatoriomatopiba@gmail.com.

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund is a joint initiative of the French Development Agency, Conservation International, the European Union, Global Environmental Management, the Government of Japan and the World Bank. A key goal is to ensure that civil society is involved in biodiversity conservation.