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CEPF and IEB have an open call for communication project in the Cerrado hotspot

5th Call for Letters of Intent (CDI)

Hot spot Cerrado



The Partnership Fund for Critical Ecosystems and the International Brail Education Institute, is pleased to invite proponents to the 5th Call for Letters of Intent (CDI) focused on receiving innovative and relevant COMMUNICATION PROJECTS what work the CEPF portfolio in the Cerrado, and together with our partners, promote and disseminate their main results. Only selected a proposal under this call.

This notice seeks to encourage the preparation of publications and other communication and media tools to contribute to the dissemination of information about the Cerrado within CEPF, its strategic directions and its funded projects.

With this announcement, CEPF and IEB wish to receive proposals that have MANDATORY the following items in its scope of work:

  1. Elaboration of the strategy and communication plan for CEPF results in the Cerrado, considering the essential contribution of partners who received support from the Fund for the execution of their projects in the biome (see portfolio and site).
  2. Production and dissemination of 1 promotional video of up to 7 minutes of CEPF actions in the Cerrado together with its partners (see model: https://vimeo.com/398857635/2917d528e5). The video should present the main results of the Fund and our partners. From this main material, the proposal must also include the production of up to 5 short videos (up to 2-3 minutes) to be shown on CEPF and IEB social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and messaging applications (Whatsapp, Signal , etc.). All videos must be subtitled in English and French. The production phase of the videos must take into account the capture of images.
  3. Production and dissemination of up to 7 infographics related to the results achieved by CEPF in the Cerrado.
  4. Construction of a mailing of contacts that must present a mapping and documentation of all national and international press vehicles relevant to environmental issues in the Cerrado. This one mailing it must also include contact with the main journalists or managers of these vehicles.
  5. Elaboration and publication of 7 articles in Portuguese, English and French on the impacts achieved by CEPF Cerrado, together with its partners. These articles must involve CEPF partners through interviews and testimonies and must be promoted via live broadcasts, websites, social networks or other alternative channels.
  6. Capture of images (photos, drone images, etc.) of the Cerrado to build a collection of photos and videos.
  7. Elaboration of one (1) final publication, which will report on the Fund's main successes and also the presentation of the final portfolio of CEPF projects in the Cerrado, following the model of Ecosystem Profile.
  8. Update site CEPF Cerrado for a more modern and interactive interface.

Eligible country: Brazil

Opening of the Notice: November 23, 2020

Closing of the Public Notice:   January 8, 2021 at 11:59 pm Brasília time

Support type: Small Project (up to US$ 50,000)

Read the detailed instructions, criteria and restrictions of this Call for Letters of Intent in this link.


Call for Letters of Intent
- Site CEPF Cerrado and website IEB

Ecosystem Profile
Portuguese and English

Summary of the Ecosystem Profile
Portuguese and English


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