Seedling nursery for agroforestry production in Aldeia Brejão


Strategic Direction 3: Promote and strengthen the supply chains associated with sustainable use of natural resources and ecological restoration.

Institution: Hanaiti Yomo Association & #8217; omo

Responsible: Alexandro da Silva Souza
Phone: + 55 (67) 9 9649-6979 / 9 9852-8950

Corridor: Other corridors (Miranda – Bodoquena)
County: Nioak (MS)
Protected Areas: Nioaque Indigenous Land Brejão Village


Project's area of ​​activity.


General objective: Include indigenous people in the community development process, with a view to ensuring a sustainable alternative in food security, the use of new social technologies, sustainable use of land and plant species in the Cerrado, as well as adding value and generating income by means of agricultural and extractivist products.

Specific objectives:

  • Build a 150 m² forest nursery for the production of cerrado plant species, vegetables and fruit for consumption and income generation.
  • Manage and take care of the areas where the Cerrado's vegetables, fruits and plant species will be planted, thus working the process of monitoring and evaluation of the cultivated areas.
  • Train community members in agroecological transition and agroforestry systems for growing vegetables and fruits with Cerrado plant species.
  • Disseminate agroforestry production at Aldeia Brejão to indigenous people and partners to expand scientific and traditional knowledge.
  • Include indigenous people from Aldeia Brejão in the execution and monitoring of the nursery seedling project for agroforestry production, to ensure community empowerment and project sustainability.

Support amount: U$ 19,169.33

Duration: Closed (December 2017 to December 2020)


Images courtesy of the Associação Hanaiti Yomo’omo

Photo: ©AHY Collection
Photo: ©Aryanne Amaral / IEB Collection
Photo: ©Aryanne Amaral / IEB Collection
Seedling Nursery for Agroforestry Production in Aldeia Brejão, Training Workshop for Production of Seedlings of Native Cerrado Species, November 2018.