Pro-Cerrado COMDEMAs Union: mobilizing actors in the Miranda-Bodoquena corridor


Strategic Direction 6: Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations

Institution: Neotropic Foundation of Brazil

Responsible: Neotropic Foundation of Brazil
Telephone: +55 (67) 3255-3462

Corridor: Miranda-Bodoquena
County: (MS) Anastácio, Bodoquena, Bonito, Dois Irmão do Buriti, Guia Lopes da Laguna, Jardim, Miranda, Nioaque, Porto Murtinho, Rochedo and Terenos
Protected Areas:  Serra da Bodoquena National Park, Rio Formoso River State Natural Monument, Gruta do Lago Azul State Natural Monument, Morraria de Anastácio Municipal Natural Monument, Serra de Terenos Municipal Natural Monument, Piraputanga Park State Road, Municipal Road Perdido River, Aquidauana River Municipal APA, Ceroula and Piraputanga Stream Municipal APA, Ceroula Stream Municipal APA, Cachoeirão River Sub-Municipal APA, RPPN Federal Buraco das Araras, RPPN Federal Lageado, RPPN State of Cara da Onça, RPPN São Pedro da Barra State, RPPN Cabeceira do Prata State RPPN, Neivo Pires II State RPPN, São Geraldo State RPPN and Caiman State RPPN


Project's area of ​​activity.


General objective: Strengthening of COMDEMAs to support local decisions that contribute to the conservation of the Cerrado and the achievement of global biodiversity conservation goals.

Specific objectives:

  • Training for civil society and counselors, addressing conservation-related issues, seeking to match the knowledge of council members.
  • Empower the council on conservation issues to propose public policies for the protection and conservation of the Cerrado.
  • Based on the mobilization and training of councils and presentations to the municipal government, it will be proposed to develop a long-term municipal plan for the conservation of the Cerrado.

Support amount: U$ 158,099.91

Duration: 43 months (January 2018 to July 2021)


Images courtesy of the Fundação Neotrópica do Brasil

Photo: Fundação Neotrópica do Brasil ©Collection
Photo: Fundação Neotrópica do Brasil ©Collection