Private Reserves in the Cerrado


Strategic Direction 2: Support the creation and/or expansion and effective management of protected areas.

Institution: Pro-Nature Foundation - FUNATURA

Responsible: Pedro Bruzzi Lion and Laércio Machado de Sousa
Phone: + 55 (61) 327-45449 / 3274-5324

Partner Institutions: IBY Instituto ITACARAMBY; National Confederation of Private Natural Heritage Reserves (CNRPPN); ICMBio - Coordination for monitoring biodiversity conservation; Boticário Foundation for Nature Protection; CI Brazil; Instituto Cerrados; Conservation Institute Brazil; Araguaia Institute; Hollow Brazil; Association of RPPNs GO / DF; Tocantins Owners Association; ICMBio & #8211; Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park; Mais Cerrado Foundation; WWF-Brasil; ICV; Association of RPPNs - MG; SOS Sertão & #8211; MA and PI

Priority Corridors: All in the hotspot
County: All in the hotspot

General objective:  Through a strong work of communication, face-to-face, social, communication and environmental networking, the organizations and focal points of all states and municipalities of the states that make up the Cerrado will be contacted by scheduling meetings and seminars to be held in the main municipalities with strong tourism potential, sustainable ecotourism and / or high deforestation rates in the last 10 years. CEPF's KBAs and Priority Corridors will also be one of the main criteria in choosing areas to be recognized as RPPNs, but efforts will be made in the Cerrado as a whole, given the difficulty of convincing owners to create RPPNs. This will encourage the creation of private protected areas (RPPN) by implementing 4 strategies.

Specific objectives:

  • Produce a list of owners interested in creating RPPNs.
  • Create a communication plan and strategy.
  • Prepare a roadmap for meetings/seminars in regions and municipalities of major environmental relevance and/or that have shown interest in participating in the project.
  • Implement the processes for creating RPPNs.

Support amount: U$ 262,980.24

Duration: 22 months (September 2019 to June 2021)


Images provided by FUNATURA

RPPN Flor das Águas, Pirenópolis, Goiás. Photo: © Paulo Henrique G. de Souza / FUNATURA Collection
RPPN Flor das Águas, Pirenópolis, Goiás. Photo: © Paulo Henrique G. de Souza / FUNATURA Collection
Carinhanha River around the Grande Sertão Veredas National Park. Photo: © Germano Neto / FUNATURA Collection