Productive backyards, agroecology and food security in the Guará River Valley, São Desidério, Bahia


Strategic Direction 1: Promote the adoption of best practices in agriculture

Institution: Federal University of Western Bahia & #8211; UFOB & Bahia Polytechnic School Foundation & #8211; FEP

Responsible: Mario Alberto dos Santos and Judith Zaiden
Telephone: +55 (77) 3614-3105 (UFOB) / (71) 3617-8053 (FEP)

Priority Corridor: Sertão Veredas-Peruaçu
County: (BA) Saint Desiderius
Protected Areas:  The area comprises 8 Geraizeira agro-extractive communities: Ponte de Mateus, Larga, Pedras, Currais, Lagoa dos Buritis, Contagem, Vereda Grande e Cera, and the Refúgio da Vida Silvestre das Veredas do Oeste Baiano.


Project Area


General objective: To present and disseminate sustainable social technologies and practices for agroecological food production, recovery, soil conservation and treatment of organic solid waste in traditional Geraizeiras communities in the municipality of São Desidério, Guará river valley region, west of Bahia.

Specific objectives:

  • Improve knowledge conditions and access to public policies directed to traditional communities and sustainable agriculture.
  • Improve the practices of organic solid waste management and soil use and conservation in the Geraizeiras communities involved.
  • Increase knowledge on sustainable agricultural practices and improve food security levels in the communities involved.
  • Finalize the elaboration of a technical manual for the agroecological transition in the Cerrado area with the installation of Agroecological and Community Productive Backyards - QPAC.
  • Finalize a socioenvironmental diagnosis on the Geraizeiras communities of the Guará river valley, in order to subsidize the proposal of creating a protected area and expand the knowledge about business plan and territorial management among the residents.

Support amount: U$ 28,499.84

Duration: 36 meses (Agosto 2018 a Julho 2021)


Images courtesy of the Universidade Federal do Oeste da Bahia – UFOB

Hands that work. Photo: ©Mario Alberto/UFOB Collection
Buriti (Mauritia flexuosa). Photo: ©Mario Alberto/UFOB Collection