Multiscale quality monitoring in the São Lourenço River Basin (MT)


Strategic Direction 5: Support the implementation of tools to integrate and share monitoring data to better inform decision making processes in the hotspot.

Institution: Department of Geography (GEO-UFMT) & UFMT Support and Development Foundation (UNISELVA)

Responsible: Emerson Soares dos Santos and Peter Zeilhofer
Phone: +55 (65) 3615-8468

Priority Corridors: Other corridors (Chapada dos Guimarães)
County: (MT) Poxoréo, Dom Aquino, Treasure, Jaciara, Santo Antonio do Leverger, Sao Pedro da Cipa, Juscimeira, Guiratinga, Rondonopolis, Sao Jose do Povo, Alto Herons, Black Stone, Itiquira, East Spring, Green Field


Project's area of ​​activity.


General objective:  The project aims at monitoring and modeling water quality at multiple scales in the São Lourenço River Basin that makes up important sections of the Planalto-Pantanal ecological corridor in the Cerrado hotspot. The availability of these data from a participatory GIS, together with work in communities in the basin, aims to empower and enable the direct participation of these social groups in monitoring the conditions and management of water resources in the basin.

Specific objectives:

  • Identification of spatiotemporal patterns of water quality in the São Lourenço river basin
  • Develop an application for mobile phones (GIS-Participatory) that enables the dissemination of information related to Water Resources, and that reinforces the interaction between, and with the participation of social actors interested in the different forms of water use in the basin.
  • Develop participatory diagnoses on the situation / relationship of communities that affect and are affected by the multiple uses of Water Resources, seeking an understanding of existing conflicts regarding the use and management of HR.

Support amount: U$ 186,648.00

Duration: 24 months (July 2019 to June 2021)


Images courtesy of the Department of Geography (GEO-UFMT) & UFMT Support & Development Foundation (UNISELVA)

Photo: © Geography Department Collection (GEO-UFMT)
Photo: © Geography Department Collection (GEO-UFMT)