Water resources mapping of the Chapada dos Guimarães corridor


Strategic Direction 5: Support Implementation of Monitoring Data Integration and Sharing Tools

Institution: Remote Sensing and Geotechnology Laboratory (FENF-UFMT) & UFMT Support and Development Foundation (UNISELVA)

Responsible: Gustavo Manzon Nunes and Sandra Maria Coelho Martins
Email:  gustavomn@gmail.com; uniselva@uniselva.org.br
Phone: +55 (65) 3318-9814

Priority Corridor: Other corridors (Chapada dos Guimarães)
County: (MT) Acorizal; Chapada dos Guimarães; Cuiabá; Jangada; Nossa Senhora do Livramento; Poconé; Santo Antônio do Leveger and Várzea Grande


Project Area


General objective: Map, identify, differentiate and diagnose the water resources and wetlands (Veredas, Campos Úmidos, Brejos e Florestas Ripárias) existing in 3 KBAs of the Chapada dos Guimarães Corridor, which will support ICMBio management and decision making with the environmental agencies involved.

Specific objectives:

  • Perform the use of RPAS-coupled sensors or structural mapping and differentiation in veredas and wetlands, occurrence of invasive species, areas of spring floral and groundwater selected in the PNCG (Chapada de Guimarães National Park). Conservation areas will be mapped as well as areas submitted to Integrated Fire Management.
  • Verify the sensitivity of the AUs related to the use of prescribed burns, using methods other than Integrated Fire Management (FIM), according to the pre-selected areas approved by the Chapada dos Guimarães PARNA ICMBio Execution Partner.
  • Map and generate a digital classification of different Cerrado typologies and land uses related to water resources in the total project area with sensor data in the satellite panel of medium and high spatial resolution.

Support amount: U$ 47,987.22

Duration: 31 meses (Novembro 2018 a Junho 2021)


Images provided by Laboratório de Sensoriamento Remoto e Geotecnologias (FENF-UFMT) and Fundação de Apoio e Desenvolvimento da UFMT (UNISELVA)

Photo: LabSensor ©Collection
Photo: UNISELVA ©Collection