Management and protection of faveiro-de-wilson (Dimorphandra wilsonii)


Strategic Direction 4: Supporting the Protection of Endangered Species

Institution: Belo Horizonte ZooBotany Foundation Friends Society

Responsible: Fernando Moreira Fernandes
Phone: +55 (31) 3277-8323

Corridor: Other Corridors (Serra do Espinhaço)
County: (MG) Paraopeba; Sete Lagoas; Matozinhos; Lagoa Santa; Inhaúmas; Esmeraldas; Fortuna de Minas; São José da Varginha; Perdigão; Pequi; Juatuba; Maravilhas; Mateus Leme; Para-de-Minas and Nova Serrana
Protected Areas: Parque Estadual do Sumidouro and APA Carste Lagoa Santa


Project Area


General objective: To increase the protection of faveiro-de-wilson and its habitat by implementing actions from its National Action Plan.

Specific objectives:

  • Review the state legal instrument for specific protection of the faveiro-de-wilson.
  • Act as a facilitator in the formalization process of the Rural Environmental Registry-CAR.
  • Increase community awareness and participation.
  • Work with minhoqueiros (minhocuçu extractors) to reduce impacts of their activity on faveiro-de-wilson habitat and individuals.
  • Promote an event to disseminate scientific knowledge (holding a symposium on the conservation of the faveiro-de-wilson and its habitat, with the participation of at least 60 people)
  • Grow the species in nursery.
  • Extend the reintroduction of the species.
  • Improve monitoring of remaining and reintroduced plants.
  • Propose creation and / or expansion of conservation units in priority areas of the extent of occurrence of the species.

Support amount: U$ 20,643.86

Duration: Encerrado (Novembro 2017 a Maio 2021)



Images courtesy of the Sociedade de Amigos da Fundação ZooBotânica de Belo Horizonte

Photo: ©SAFZBH Collection
Photo: ©SAFZBH Collection
Brigade created in the municipality of Pequi, MG. Photo: ©SAFZBH Collection
Event at school. Photo: ©Guilherme Barbosa / SAFZBH Collection
Certificate delivery to employee. Photo: ©SAFZBH Collection
Faveiro-de-wilson (Dimorphandra wilsonii). Photo: ©Fernando Fernandes/SAFZBH Collection