I FENACO - Forum of the Midwest Environmentalists


Strategic Direction 6: Strengthen the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations to Promote Better Territorial Management

Institution: National Network to Combat Wildlife Trafficking & #8211; INCOME

Responsible: Raulff Ferraz Lima
Email:  cgeral@renctas.org.br
Phone: +55 (61) 61 9 9155-3656

Priority Corridor: All Priority Corridors and other Corridors in the Midwest
County: Cuiabá (MT); Campo Grande (MS); Goiânia (GO) and Brasília (DF)



General objective: To train, expand and strengthen the participation of organized civil society in the Midwest region in decision-making bodies of the public power, in particular at CONAMA - National Environment Council, through the holding of five events: four state meetings and one regional, the I Forum of the Midwest Environmentalists.

Specific objectives:

  • To assess the state of environmental management and public policy in the Midwest.
  • Increase the capacity of NGOs working in the Midwest region to establish dialogues in the public sphere, especially CONAMA.
  • Build a common agenda among environmental NGOs in the Midwest.
  • Develop a Strategic Plan of Midwest NGOs for the conservation of the Cerrado's natural resources.
  • Contribute to the improvement of managers of civil organizations operating in the Cerrado, expanding the social impact of environmental NGOs in their areas of expertise.

Support amount: U$ 47,987.22

Duration: Closed (July 2018 to January 2019)


Images courtesy of the Rede Nacional de Combate ao Tráfico de Animais Silvestres – RENCTAS

I Forum of the Midwest Environmentalists
I Forum of the Midwest Environmentalists. Photo: RENCTAS ©Collection
I Forum of the Midwest Environmentalists. Photo: RENCTAS ©Collection