Agricultural Border and Nature: views and conflicts in the Parnaíba River Source National Park


Strategic Direction 2: Supporting the creation / expansion and effective management of protected areas.

Institution: Foundation of Scientific and Technological Enterprises & #8211; FINATEC

Responsible: Sérgio Sauer and Karla Oliveira
Telephone: +55 (61) 3107-8110

Priority Corridor: MATOPIBA Central
County: (BA) Formosa do Rio Preto, (MA) Alto Parnaíba, (PI) Gilbués, São Gonçalo do Gurguéia , Barreiras do Piauí, Corrente, (TO) Mateiros, São Félix do Tocantins and Lizarda
Protected Areas: Parnaíba River Springs National Park and Jalapão UCs Mosaic


Project Area


General objective: Understand the transformation of the PARNA territory of the Parnaíba River Springs and the socio-environmental conflicts in the Jalapão UC Mosaic, established from the advance of the agricultural frontier encouraged by government actions and the MATOPIBA Agricultural Development Plan.

Specific objectives:

  • Understand the role of protected areas and traditional communities in the Cerrado socio-environmental conditions under the influence of the agricultural frontier, especially in MATOPIBA.
  • Provide support to the discussion about management of UCs and traditional populations in areas of advance of the agricultural frontier.
  • Understand the socio-environmental conflicts and threats to environmental conservation and territorial rights of traditional populations in agricultural frontier advance areas in MATOPIBA.

Support amount: U$ 19,544.66

Duration: Closed (October 2018 to February 2020)



Images courtesy of Karla Oliveira

Photo: ©Karla Oliveira
Photo: ©Karla Oliveira