Strengthening of integral territorial management in the specially protected areas of the Sertão Veredas-Peruaçu Mosaic


Strategic Direction 2: Supporting the creation / expansion and effective management of protected areas.

Institution: World Wildlife Fund & #8211; WWF

Responsible: Kolbe Soares Santos
Telephone: +55 (61) 3364-7400

Priority Corridor: Sertão Veredas – Peruaçu
County: (MG) Arinos, Formoso, Chapada Gaucha, Urucuia, Januaria, Bonito de Minas, Marine Canon, Miravânia, Manga, São João das Missões, Itacarambi; (BA) Coconuts
Protected Areas: West Bahia Wildlife Refuge, Grande Sertão Veredas National Park, Sagarana Ecological Station, Des. Acari Sustainable Paths, Serra das Araras State Park, Pandeiros Environmental Protection Area, Pandeiros Wildlife Refuge, Cochá Gibão Environmental Protection Area, Peruaçu Caves Environmental Protection Area, Cavernas do Peruaçu National Park, Cavernas do Peruaçu National Park, Municipal Park Salustriano, Mata Seca State Park, RPPN Porto Cajueiro Village, RPPN Aldeia, RPPN Arara Vermelha, Xakriabá Indigenous Land Rancharia, Xakriabá Indigenous Land, Quilombola São Félix Community, Quilombola do Onça and Lambedouro Community and Quilombola and Quilombola Retiro dos Bois Community


Project Area


General objective: To integrate and strengthen the management of specially protected areas of the MSVP.

Specific objectives:

  • Create and deploy a Mosaic Working Group to protect and monitor protected areas.
  • Develop and implement an Integrated Land and Water Use Monitoring Plan at MSVP.
  • Develop and implement an Integrated Forest Fire Prevention and Fighting Plan.
  • Effectively integrate monitoring and enforcement actions in MSVP.
  • Create and implement seven UC and mosaic advisory councils.
  • Conduct training and exchanges for members of the UC and Mosaic Councils.
  • Monitor ongoing projects and their impacts on the territory.
  • Implement a strategy to strengthen 3 private enterprises in the territory, focusing on the productive chain of sustainable plant extraction.
  • Create a communication plan for the enhancement of the protected areas of the Mosaic, disseminating as initiatives developed in the territory.
  • Update and maintain the site and social networks by implementing interactive platforms for Mosaic.
  • Create and spread a virtual newsletter of actions in the Mosaic.
  • Support the communication of socio-environmental and cultural events that occur in the territory.

Support amount: U$187,000.00

Duration: 44 months (July 2017 to February 2021)


Images courtesy of WWF-Brasil

Cerrado. Photo: ©Bento Viana
Peruaçu River, Januaria, MG. Photo: ©André Dib