Strengthen Cerrado Biodiversity in Land Reform Areas


Strategic Direction 3: Promote and strengthen the supply chains associated with sustainable use of natural resources and ecological restoration.

Responsible: Labor and Technical Services Cooperative & #8211; COOSERT
Phone: + 55 (98) 3232-2705 / (98) 9 8865-0436

Priority Corridor: No
County: (MA) Caxias


Project Area


General objective: Re-plan productive activities within the principles of ecologically-based agriculture, so as to provide soil and water restoration actions, as well as the recomposition of Legal Reserve Areas and Permanent Preservation in two agrarian reform settlements (PA Buriti do Meio e PA Engenho D'Água, in Caxias, Maranhão).

Specific objectives:

  • Integrate socioeconomic development of settled families with conservation of natural resources, restoration of degraded areas, maintenance of legal reserve areas, preservation of permanent preservation areas, within the principles of sustainable development guided by the principles of agroecology.
  • Create space for environmental education in the settlement, in order to enable all environmental actions, as well as raise awareness of the importance of preservation, recovery and conservation of the environment.

Support amount: U$ 20,357.19

Duration: Closed (March 2018 to February 2020)


Images provided by the Cooperativa de Trabalho e Serviços Técnicos

Photo: ©Aryanne Amaral / IEB Collection
Photo: ©Aryanne Amaral / IEB Collection
Path in Caxias, Maranhão. Photo: ©Aryanne Amaral / IEB Collection
Photo: ©Aryanne Amaral / IEB Collection