Food Forests in the Cerrado


Strategic Direction 1: Promote the adoption of best practices in agriculture

Institution: Tiradentes Educational Institute & Agricultural Cooperative of Family Farmers in Niquelândia & #8211; Cooperagrofamiliar

Responsible: Manoel Alves Gomes Junior
Phone: +55 (62) 3354-2062

Priority Corridor: Veadeiros - Landing High & #8211; Kalungas
County: (GO) Niquelândia



General objective: To seek, through a set of articulated activities, to recognize the role of women in rural dynamics, encouraging their recognition as political subjects / actors in the construction of the agroecological conception through the dissemination of the agroforestry production system.

Specific objectives:

  • Disseminate the MAES methodology - Successive Agro-Ecological Modules - to encourage agroforestry as a production model.
  • Offer farmers' families in rural settlements / communities the conditions to start food production in agroecological systems.
  • Promote courses and workshops on Agroecology (Successive Agroforestry Systems) and market access for rural families in the region, prioritizing the practice of social methods and technologies and the exchange of experiences among family farmers

Support amount: U$78.950,00

Duration: 40 months (February 2018 to May 2021)


Images courtesy of the Cooperativa Agropecuária dos Produtores Familiares de Niquelândia –  Cooperagrofamiliar

Photo: ©Cooperagrofamiliar Collection
Photo: ©Cooperagrofamiliar Collection