Ecology and recovery of Uebelmannia buiningii Donald (Cactaceae)


Strategic Direction 4: Support the protection of endangered species in the hot spot

Institution: Jurumi Institute for Nature Conservation & #8211; Jurumi Institute

Responsible: Suelma Ribeiro Silva and Rodrigo Viana Leite

Priority Corridor: Other Corridors (Serra do Espinhaço)
County: Itamarandiba (MG)



General objective: To propose a recovery plan for Uebelmannia buiningiiin the Serra Negra, in the Cadeia do Espinhaço of Minas Gerais, based on robust ecological studies that allow the knowledge of the impact of anthropic and natural disturbance on U. buiningii and the identification of the stages of critical life history, to understand the long-term viability of the population.

Specific objectives:

  • Evaluate U. buiningii preferred habitat to provide restoration subsidies for its habitats.
  • Identify whether the population of U. buiningii is declining or unstable, and which stages of life history are most critical to understanding the long-term viability of the population.
  • Develop and disseminate a recovery plan for the species.

Support amount: U$ 47,987.22

Duration: 29 months (January 2019 to June 2021)


Images courtesy of the Instituto Jurumi para Conservação da Natureza