Miranda-Bodoquena Corridor: filling social and environmental gaps


Strategic Direction 3: Promote and strengthen the supply chains associated with sustainable use of natural resources and ecological restoration.

Institution: ECOA & #8211; Ecology and Action

Responsible: Rafael Morais Chiaravalloti
Email: rafael@riosvivos.org.br
Phone: +55 (67) 3324-3230

Corridor: Other corridors (Miranda – Bodoquena)
County: (MS) Nioaque and Miranda


Project Area


General objective: Assist the revegetation and conservation of the Cerrado by strengthening non-timber extraction by communities and settlers in Mato Grosso do Sul - Miranda-Bodoquena corridor

Specific objectives:

  • Optimize the forest restoration process started in 2016 in three rural settlements, totaling 22 ha of Cerrado.
  • Work to improve the management of Cerrado fruit collection, such as baru and bocaiúva.
  • Sensitize the market by promoting the valorization of the by-products of native fruits of the Cerrado.

Support amount: U$ 20,126.79

Duration: Closed (November 2017 to November 2020)


Images courtesy of ECOA – Ecologia e Ação

Photo: ECOA ©Collection
Photo: ©Aryanne Amaral/AcervoIEB
Photo: ECOA ©Collection
Photo: ©Aryanne Amaral/AcervoIEB