Training in ecological restoration of the Cerrado: diagnosis, methods and monitoring


Strategic Direction 3: Promote and strengthen the supply chains associated with sustainable use of natural resources and ecological restoration.

Institution: Cerrado Seed Network

Responsible: Carmen Correia
Telephone: +55 (61) 3256-1938

Partner Institutions: Embrapa Cerrados; ICMBio; UnB & #8211; Institute of Biology and Mato Grosso Environmental Secretariat




The Biomas Project was started in 2010, and is the result of a partnership between the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA) and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), with the participation of over four hundred researchers and professors from different institutions, within nine years. Studies are being developed in the six Brazilian biomes to enable tree solutions for the protection, restoration and sustainable use of farms in different biomes. The Biomes Project is supported by the National Rural Learning Service (SENAR), the Brazilian Small and Medium Enterprise Support Service (SEBRAE), Monsanto, John Deere and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES).
Priority Corridor: Matopiba Central, Mirador-Mesas, Sertão Veredas-Peruaçu
County: The project will potentially reach all Cerrado states and their respective municipalities.
Protected Areas: All protected areas within the project's area of ​​influence.


Project Area


General objective: To train CEPF-supported project managers in Strategic Directorate 3or other directions that include restoration actions, as well as others involved in the restoration process, on the diagnosis of degraded areas, restoration planning, restoration techniques and monitoring of restoration results.

Specific objectives:

  • Empower the target audience, with five courses, in the following themes and locations:


  1. Ecological characteristics of the biome, plant reproduction strategies, anthropic impacts and their implications for restoration.
  2. Federal Environmental Legislation: Law 12.651 / 2012, CAR, PRA and PRADA.
  3. Risks and challenges associated with RAD.
  4. Recomposition strategies.
  5. Area assessment and choice of restoration actions - WebAmbiente system.
  6. Seed collection, processing and storage.
  7. Nurseries and seedling production of native species.
  8. Monitoring of recomposition jobs.
  9. Native species of economic interest.
  10. Training in plantation systems with native species.


  1. SEMA Cuiaba-MT
  2. Cavernas do Peruaçu National Park-MG
  3. Brasília National Park-DF
  4. Embrapa Cerrados - Brasília-DF
  5. Embrapa Fishing and Aquaculture - Palmas-TO

Support amount: U$20,447.28

Duration: Closed (December 2017 to December 2019)


Images provided by the Cerrado Seed Network

Photo: Rede de Sementes do Cerrado ©Collection
Photo: Rede de Sementes do Cerrado ©Collection
Photo: Rede de Sementes do Cerrado ©Collection