Evaluation and strengthening of Cerrado Municipal Conservation Units

Strategic Direction 2: Supporting the creation / expansion and effective management of protected areas.

Institution:  Ambiental 44 Information and Projects in Biodiversidade Ltda.

Responsible: Luiz Paulo Pinto
Email:  luizpaulopinto10@gmail.com
Telephone: +55 (31) 3267-0737

Priority Corridors: All
County: All municipalities located in the priority corridors
Protected Areas: All municipal UCS located in the coverage area


Project Area


General objective: To evaluate the scenario of Cerrado municipal conservation units to strengthen local biodiversity protection policies, especially in the priority corridors of this hot spot.

Specific objectives:

  • Size the network of municipal conservation units of the Cerrado and access the basic information of each unit.
  • Evaluate the management and governance instruments of the Cerrado municipal conservation units and disseminate best practices throughout the hot spot.
  • Strengthen public and private policies to support the network of municipal conservation units in the Cerrado.

Support amount: U$ 45,000.00

Duration: Closed (August 2018 to February 2020)




Images courtesy of Ambiental 44

Conceição do Mato Dentro Municipal Park. Photo: ©Ambiental 44 Collection
Meeting Secretariat of Environment of Conceição de Mato Dentro. Photo: ©Ambiental 44 Collection
GT Brazil Meeting. Photo: ©Ambiental 44 Collection