Articulation of the Timbira peoples for the implementation of PNGATI


Strategic Direction 6: Strengthen the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations to Promote Better Territorial Management

Institution: Indian Work Center & #8211; CTI

Responsible: Juliana Noleto
Phone: +55 (61) 3349-7769

Priority Corridor: Mirador-Mesas
County: Montes Altos, Lageado Novo, Sítio Novo, Fernando Falcão, Barra do Corda and Amarante in Maranhão State and Tocantinópolis, Itaguatins, Goiatins e Itacajá in Tocantins State.



General objective: To promote the implementation of the National Policy of Environmental and Territorial Management of Indigenous Lands (PNGATI) in the Cerrado, through the consolidation of a Timbira indigenous network, in order to reinforce the role of these peoples and their territories as important conservation areas of natural resources and associated socio-biodiversity, respecting gender and generational issues.

Specific objectives:

  • Promote the articulation and cooperation between different social actors in institutional arrangements that favor governance in the territorial and environmental management processes of Timbira indigenous lands and conservation units in the region.
  • Design and implement a training course aimed at consolidating territorial and environmental management actions, targeting young indigenous Timbira (mentwajê).
  • Strengthen indigenous organizations at the political and institutional levels.

Support amount: U$ 195,399.99

Duration: 30 months (January 2019 to June 2021)


Images courtesy of Indigenous Work Center

Timbira Ritual. Photo: CTI ©Collection
Timbira village in the Cerrado. Photo: CTI ©Collection