Technical support and participatory process development for the formulation of the proposal to expand the Cerrado Biosphere Reserve


Strategic Direction 2: Supporting the creation / expansion and effective management of protected areas.

Institution: Greentec Environmental Technology

Responsible: Rogério Henrique Vereza de Azevedo
Phone: +55 (61) 3327-0218

Priority Corridor: All Set in the Cerrado Biosphere Reserve
County: All Set in the Cerrado Biosphere Reserve

General objective: Discuss with the main social actors a process of redefinition of boundaries for the Cerrado Biosphere Reserve, based on the definition of criteria and concepts focusing on the geospatial issue, and compose a technical document to be submitted to UNESCO, to recognition of this effort.

Specific objectives:

  • Support the holding of a face-to-face workshop involving the Ministry of the Environment and key State actors to discuss the preliminary proposal to expand the RBC.
  • Produce technical document to support the Ministry of the Environment in submitting a new proposal for limits to CBR with UNESCO.

Support amount: U$ 10,782.75

Duration: Closed (August 2018 to April 2019)




Photo: ©Aryanne Amaral/AcervoIEB
Photo: ©Aryanne Amaral/AcervoIEB
Photo: ©Aryanne Amaral/AcervoIEB