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Workshop promoted by Rede Cerrado in November brought together representatives of traditional peoples and communities

In order to debate and dialogue about territorial rights, including land disputes and conflicts, especially in the countryside, and to learn about new forms of territorial Cerrado Network promoted on November 6 and 7, in Brasilia, the I Territories Workshop. The meeting brought together representatives of traditional peoples and communities (PCTs) living in the Cerrado and from civil society organizations. Read full article on site from the Cerrado Network.

The Cerrado, today, it is proportionally the most deforested biome in Brazil. According to data from the Ministry of the Environment, half of the Cerrado's native vegetation no longer exists. The area with the highest incidence is MATOPIBA (Maranhão, Tocantins, Piauí and Bahia), a region named as the last agricultural frontier in the country. The Cerrado, especially MATOPIBA, suffers from the indiscriminate advance of commodities agribusiness. “It turns out that in these areas we have dozens of Indigenous Lands, hundreds of land reform settlements, Quilombola Territories that are directly affected by the constitution of this new frontier for large-scale agriculture in Brazil,” explains University of Brasilia researcher Mônica Nogueira, Master in Sustainable Development and PhD in Anthropology.

Rede Cerrado executes the project #8220; Fortified Network, Conserved Cerrado & #8221;, which aims to broaden the political impact of the Network on the elaboration, implementation and monitoring of public policies related to the promotion of sustainable development, respecting the rights of family farmers, peoples and traditional communities. The project is supported by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund) and Brazilian International Institute of Education (IEB). The Cerrado Network works to promote sustainability, in defense of the conservation of the Cerrado and its peoples. Indirectly, the Cerrado Network brings together more than 300 organizations that identify with the social and environmental cause of the biome.

* Adapted from the text of Thays Puzzi / Communication Officer of the Cerrado Network.


I Cerrado Network Territories Workshop. © Cerrado Network Collection / Thays Puzzi

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund is a joint initiative of the French Development Agency, Conservation International, the European Union, Global Environmental Management, the Government of Japan and the World Bank. A key goal is to ensure that civil society is involved in biodiversity conservation.



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