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What are Municipal Environmental Councils?



Neotrópica do Brasil Foundation provides a free guide with guidelines for implementing thisare you advice

What is the Municipal Environment Council?

The Municipal Environment Council (COMDEMA) is an instrument of local environmental management that unites public agencies, business sectors, politicians and civil society organizations in search of solutions for the use of natural resources and for the recovery of environmental damage.

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Why COMDEMAs are important?

THE COMDEMAs promote citizenship, democracy and coexistence between the interests of different sectors of society. In addition, it encourages the creation of municipal public policies for environmental conservation and the expansion and improvement in the management of municipal protected areas and Conservation Units, among many other benefits.

What is the function of COMDEMAs?

Some of the attributions of the Municipal Environment Councils are: to propose the environmental policy of the municipality and to monitor its compliance; promote environmental education; monitor the implementation of municipal UCs (Conservation Units); receive and investigate complaints made by the population about environmental degradation; and more.

Who participates in COMDEMAs?

Municipal departments, City Council, unions, environmental organizations, neighborhood associations, groups of women, young people and the elderly, class entities, entities representing the business community; research and extension institutions, social and minority movements, consumer protection institutions and producer groups.

How to create COMDEMA?

The first step in the creation of COMDEMA is the mobilization of the community. Then comes the drafting and approval of the Law by the Municipal Council of Councils establishing the creation of COMDEMA. After approval, directors and board members are appointed, who will have the task of creating and approving the Board's internal regulations and holding meetings periodically.

You can find these and other information on & #8220; PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR IMPLEMENTING ENVIRONMENTAL MUNICIPAL COUNCILS & #8221;click on the link and downloadThe material is the result of the project & #8220; Union of Municipal Environmental Councils & #8211; Mobilizing actors from the Miranda-Bodoquena corridor & #8221; executed by the Neotrópica do Brasil Foundation, with support from the Partnership Fund for Critical Ecosystems (CEPF) and the International Education Institute of Brazil (IIEB).

About the União dos COMDEMAS project

Municipal Environment Councils (COMDEMA) are key instruments for local environmental management. For this reason, the Neotrópica do Brasil Foundation promotes actions to create and strengthen COMDEMAS in 25 municipalities in Mato Grosso do Sul.

With the project & #8220; Union of Municipal Environmental Councils & #8211; Mobilizing actors from the Miranda-Bodoquena corridor & #8221;, FNB mobilizes COMDEMAS, and consequently public policies, investments, qualification and promotion of the debate on conservation and management of the Cerrado.

The purpose is to support local decisions that contribute to global environmental conservation goals, especially in the Cerrado. The biome, which is a global biodiversity hotspot, has already had 50% of its native vegetation cover devastated and is under strong human pressure.

Learn more about the project and the benefits it can bring to your municipality in fundacaoneotropica.org.br.

Text available on site of the Neotropic Foundation of Brazil.

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund is a joint initiative of the French Development Agency, Conservation International, the European Union, Global Environmental Management, the Government of Japan and the World Bank. A key goal is to ensure that civil society is involved in biodiversity conservation.


  1. Antonio macks Rodrigues Oliveira says:

    Bom dia, estou secretário de meio ambiente da cidade de Matões do Norte/Maranhão e venho através desta, pedir informações e o caminho gue devo seguir para conseguir meios ou no minimo apoiadores que possam nos ajudar financeiramente para fazermos o trabalho eficaz para nosso meio ambiental, ja que nao temosapoio dos governos.

    • iieb says:

      Boa tarde, Antônio! Agradecemos o seu contato e interesse. O CEPF Cerrado apoia projetos por meio de editais, mas não temos previsão de novas chamadas. Os órgãos governamentais não são elegíveis para os nossos editais, por favor, veja isso com mais detalhes na seção “Apoios e Editais” do site. Nós recomendamos que visite nosso portfólio online (aba Projetos) e veja a possibilidade de formar parcerias com os beneficiários do CEPF Cerrado.

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