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LAPIG (UFG) and CEPF Cerrado launch tool for the conservation of the Cerrado on 11/16

The Cerrado Knowledge Platform invites institutions across the country to collaborate with data, avoiding duplication of efforts

by Caroline Pires via UFG & #8211; Goias Federal University

In order to gather and enable easy and intuitive access to reliable information on the Cerrado biome, in addition to offering data on land use, biodiversity and socioeconomics, the Image Processing and Geoprocessing Laboratory (LAPIG / UFG), launches the Cerrado Knowledge Platform next Monday, 16/11, at 10am. The transmission will be made through the Cerrado Knowledge Platform channel at YouTube and it was possible thanks to the partnership with Partnership Fund for Critical Ecosystems (Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund) and Brazilian International Institute of Education (IEB). Those interested in following the launch should sign up for free in this link.

The tool allows researchers from around the world can collaborate with the platform, inserting data, maps, or geospatial information that will provide solid knowledge to support public policies or conservation programs for the conservation of the threatened biome Cerrado. In addition to allowing the sharing of information, the platform provides society with a unified and organized vision of the biome, promoting awareness on the topic. Manuel Ferreira, professor and general coordinator of Cerrado Knowledge Platform, explains that there are several data platforms that provide geographic information about different biomes. However, many times this huge volume of information from public, private, non-governmental organizations does not communicate. “Therefore, the importance of encouraging this sharing, to avoid duplication of efforts in the same direction. We want this information to assist projects in the Cerrado, gathering data and favoring access & #8221;, he highlighted.

The teacher's expectation is that the Platform will be permanently established for receive data from the most diverse research and institutions. “This collaboration between researchers and institutions promotes a culture of collaboration that in fact generates a positive result for the conservation of the Cerrado biome”, concluded.

Culture change

In addition to being a tool that offers data in an open and easily accessible way, to provide society with reliable information about the Cerrado biome, the platform values the cooperation and dissemination of science among society in general. The tool will already be launched with information on the biome from the LAPIG database and partner institutions of the laboratory. & #8220; As the platform brings information in the form of maps, graphs and tutorials, we believe that we can also sensitize managers, government programs, to reverse processes related to the reduction of water resources, losses of biodiversity, or soil contamination, for example ”, he stated. Finally, Manuel Ferreira stressed the need for more and more partners to collaborate to strengthen the Platform and its effective performance. “Our main objective is to protect the Cerrado biome, which is seriously threatened with extinction and which has faced so much damage”, he defended. According to him, the permanent feeding of the database is fundamental for the social impact and success of the project.

Protection of threatened biomes

The Partnership Fund for Critical Ecosystems (CEPF, in its acronym in English) acts worldwide, favoring the transfer of resources, aiming at promoting changes in society, with the objective of protecting critical and threatened areas. In Brazil, CEPF works through the International Education Institute of Brazil (IEB).

The International Institute of Education of Brazil (IEB) is a Brazilian non-economic association, headquartered in Brasilia, founded in November 1998, with the mission of strengthening social actors and their role in building a fair and sustainable society. The IEB stands out on the national scene for being dedicated to training and qualifying people and strengthening organizations in various aspects and themes related to the environment, development and sustainability.

The LAPIG competed in 2018 for the institution's public notice with the proposal of adding information produced in the Cerrado Biome and for its preservation. “The platform will also be very useful to assist other projects financed by CEPF, which need a computational environment with a sufficiently robust structure to receive and make available the data and information produced. Our goal is to prevent information from being literally lost or shelved in institutions ”, he concluded.

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund is a joint initiative of the French Development Agency, Conservation International, the European Union, Global Environmental Management, the Government of Japan and the World Bank. A key goal is to ensure that civil society is involved in biodiversity conservation.


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  1. Euripedes De Oliveira says:

    I am looking forward to the occasion, and in some fashion become involved with this “movement” essential to the preservation of what remains of the Cerrado. Congratulations to all parts who make this happen. Cheers!

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