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Climate Forum will be held in DF between November 28 and 29

The Climate Forum that will happen here in Federal District from November 28 to 29, Águas Claras Auditorium at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center, has the purpose of discussing, focusing on three strategic themes, the scenarios and alternatives for adaptation to climate change; the Federal District's greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation options; and climate governance.

The closing plenary meeting will read the proposal of the decree creating the forum, submitted for consultation by participants, and forwarded to the governor of Brasilia. This proposal deals with the creation of climate governance instances in the DF, the consolidation of the Forum as a permanent institution, and also proposes the installation of a scientific panel to support decision makers.

The vacancies are limited to 200 participants and the registrations should be carried out in site from SEMA-DF. THE full schedule is available on here.

The full article about the Forum can be accessed at site from SEMA / DF.

More information:

Email: comunicacaosema@gmail.com

Phone: (61) 3214 - 5611


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