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Avoiding the Merganser Extinction in Chapada dos Veadeiros, Goiás, Brazil

The project “Avoiding the extinction of the Brazilian Merganser in the Veadeiros-Pouso Alto-Kalunga corridor” Its activities started in January 2018, in the city of Alto Paraíso de Goiás, located in the Chapada dos Veadeiros region. The project aims to carry out monitoring and research activities of the Merganser, public awareness actions and training on the current conservation status of the species. The project lasts for two years and is funded by the & #8220; Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund ”- (CEPF)with the support of International Institute of Education of Brazil (IIEB). The project is executed by Amada Land Institute of Social Inclusion (IAT)Its basic team is composed by the General Coordinator: Gislaine Disconzi, Field Coordinator: Fernando Previdente, Educommunication Coordinator: Maria Beatriz Maury and Financial Coordinator: Paulo Henrique Golçalves.

Why take care of the Merganser?

With a small population and living in a restricted environment, the Merganser is a rare bird that is critically endangered. Its occurrence is currently only in Brazil. It has already disappeared in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Paraná and Santa Catarina and also in Argentina and Paraguay. Its presence indicates a good state of conservation of the environment, being a species restricted to environments of rapids, waterfalls and backwaters of clean and crystalline waters.

Some results of the project and its partnerships

Brazilian Merganser Launched as Brazil's Water Ambassador

On March 20th of this year, in the World Water Forum, in Brasilia, the Merganser received from the Ministry of the Environment the title of Ambassador of Brazilian Waters.

AMADA TERRA INSTITUTE TEAM WAS AT THE 8TH WORLD WATER FORUM: Gislaine Disconzi, Project Coordinator, Maria Beatriz Maury, Educommunication Coordinator, along with Ricardo Soavinsky, ICMBIO President, Rita Surrage de Medeiros, Pato Mergulhão PAN Coordinator CEMAVE, Prof. Sávio Bruno Freire, from UFF, Luís Fábio da Silveira, from USP, Paulo Zuquim Antas, from Funatura, Reinaldo Lourival, Nature and International Culture, Fabiane Sebaio, from Cervivo and Sônia Rigueira from Instituto Terra Brasilis. Celebrating the well deserved choice of the Brazilian Merganser for the title of Brazilian Water Ambassador. Photo: © IAT

Sighting of individuals on field expeditions

Since the beginning of the project, trainings, river embarkations and expeditions of reconnaissance of areas of the species registration have been carried out, aiming to locate individuals for future marking, ringing and placement of radios and GPS. In two of these expeditions, a couple and an individual have already been sighted. In Chapada dos Veadeiros, it is estimated that there are about 50 to 60 individuals, which makes these sightings a spectacular result, in a short period of time.

Individual located on the project expedition Avoiding the extinction of the Merganser in Chapada dos Veadeiros. Photo: © IAT

Chapada Television Show

In June, TV Record aired a documentary series about Chapada dos Veadeiros, dedicating an episode to the Merganser. To this end, he accompanied the Project team on one of their expeditions. This is a very positive result, which helps in the conservation of the species.

Record Series


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* Text provided by Maria Beatriz Maury, Coordinator of Educommunication, Instituto Amada Terra



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  1. Fatima Ramos says:

    Congratulations to the divers, all staff and institutions involved in this sublime and important mission of caring for and saving the Merganser !!! Consequently, take care of this part of the lush and wonderful nature of the Cerrado. God protect and enlighten you!

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