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In a virtual meeting with collectors, RSC and Associação Cerrado de Pé define price and collection potential for 2021

by Maria Antônia Perdigão, via the Cerrado Seed Network 

In a workshop held on Tuesday, 26, the Cerrado Seed Network (RSC) and the Cerrado Standing Association brought together collectors and the Project's technical team Seed and Catering Market: Promoting Environmental Services and Biodiversity to prepare the action plan for 2021. The meeting took place virtually and was attended by the consultant Regina Erismamm.

Besides the review of seed prices available for sale by the Association through RSC, the potential for collection and the benefits of processing native seeds from the Cerrado, which are used in the biome restoration process through direct sowing, were also discussed during the meeting.

Photo: ©Amalia Robredo/CSR Collection

On the occasion, the collectors themselves defined the prices of the species that will be marketed in 2021. “Every beginning of the year, the Cerrado Seed Network conducts this workshop with the collectors so that they can define the price and the collection potential. This definition takes into account several aspects such as, for example, the processing of seeds. It is important to note that the Association has been delivering purer seeds that provide better results in restoration. This ends up making the process more laborious and a little more expensive. Due to the experiences of previous years, the price of some species needed to be revised for 2021 ”, pondered the President of RSC, Camila Motta.

The seed processing will continue to be prioritized by Associação Cerrado de Pé, as President Claudomiro de Almeida said. “We have some species that are very complex to benefit and require a lot of work. We set the price taking into account the collector's effort and also the advantages for the customer who will receive the seeds with more quality ”, he highlighted.

On the occasion, Claudomiro announced that the Association is offering the service of ecological restoration. "This is very good, because in addition to allowing the collector to participate in the restoration of degraded areas, it generates another income supplement", completed.

The project

The sale of native seeds from the Cerrado is an initiative of CSR through the Project Seed and Catering Market: Promoting Environmental Services and Biodiversity which has the support of the Partnership Fund for Critical Ecosystems (CEPF), International Institute of Education of Brazil and Caixa Seguradora Institute. Used in ecological restoration by the method of planting direct sowing, these seeds are collected by small rural, settled and quilombola producers who are part of the Cerrado de Pé Association.

Maria Antônia Perdigão- (61) 98327-3415
Communication Advisory for the Cerrado Seed Network

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund is a joint initiative of the French Development Agency, Conservation International, the European Union, Global Environmental Management, the Government of Japan and the World Bank. A key goal is to ensure that civil society is involved in biodiversity conservation.

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