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Rural property adaptation courses in Cerrado will be offered in Brasilia and Cuiabá


In the Cerrado, it is estimated that there are over 5 million hectares to be restored to comply with the legislation and the restoration goal assumed by the Brazilian government during COP21 (2015). Challenges abound and innovation is needed so that practices that are now innovative will be tested and implemented on a large scale to enable the ecological restoration of grassland and savannah vegetation that characterizes more than 60% of the original Cerrado area¹ .

The project “Sementese Restoration Market Providing Environmental Services and Biodiversity” administered by Cerrado Seed Network and under the coordination of ICMBio and partnerships Embrapa and University of Brasilia, was contemplated in the First Call of the CEPF public notice. In this project, three tons of seeds will be distributed to promote the use of techniques, as well as promote the improvement of seed trade through collector training, development of an application for communication between the ends of the restoration chain and will be carried out. courses.

The course Environmental Adequacy of Rural Property It permeates themes such as the ecological characterization of the Cerrado, federal environmental legislation, recovery strategies, native species of economic interest, risks and challenges associated with RAD, and monitoring of recovery. The first course took place in Clapping (TO) between 09 and 11 October (2017) and the next are scheduled to occur in Cuiaba (MT), in the period of 29/11 to 12/01 is at Brasilia DF), in the period of 05 to 07/12. The details of the course schedule that will be offered in Brasilia can be accessed on here, Entries can be made through the Embrapa Cerrados until the day 26/11 and more information can be obtained by calling (61) 3388-9940. Registration for the course of Cuiaba already are closedbut more information can be obtained from the SEMA (MT) environmental analyst who leads the activity, Ligia Nara Vendramin, via email (ligiavendramin@sema.mt.gov.br).


¹Adapted from the text sent by Alexandre Bonesso Sampaio - Environmental Analyst CECAT / ICMBio

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