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Grande Sertão Cooperative reopens selection for hiring consultancy services under the project supported by IEB and CEPF Cerrado

THE Grande Sertão Cooperative has been developing actions around sustainability and agroecology, discussing new concepts, presenting solutions and developing strategies for collaborative action in order to promote the strengthening of agroextractive communities. Among the actions developed there is a continuous process of transferring and building knowledge with training practices in associativism and cooperativism, good production practices and development of food products with fruits of the Cerrado, in addition to seeking to strengthen the management and conservation of rural territories where sustainable agroextractivism.

Thus, productive chains of Cerrado fruits have been organized, built and strengthened, as an example: the buriti (Mauritania flexuosa) that occurs in paths with plenty of water, it has been used in a sustainable way for the production of pulps and oil extraction; The pequi (Caryocar brasiliense) used for the production of flour, pulp and oil; The coquinho-sour (Butia captata) used for the production of frozen pulp, beers and sweets; The baru (Dipteryx alata), which in addition to consumption in natura, is being tested for the production of oils and other potential products, which are under development. The Cooperative continues to seek ways to expand its work to new communities and municipalities in the north of Minas Gerais, with a focus on strengthening local economies and promoting the conservation of ecosystems.

In this sense, the Grande Sertão Cooperative makes public the term of reference for hiring a specialized technical service to support technical assistance, aiming at the standardization and continuous improvement of the nutritional and sanitary quality of the products of the Cerrado that are collected, processed and commercialized by the Cooperative. The objective is to enhance the sustainable use of native Cerrado fruits and strengthen the economies of agroextractive communities, aiming at the best practices of management and conservation of the hot spot Cerrado and the corridor Grande Sertão Veredas-Peruaçu within the project “Grande Sertão - Extraction, Conservation and Income”.

Professionals interested in performing the services presented will have until the day September 12, 2020 at 11:59 pm (Brasília time), to send via e-mail your proposals, together with the requested documentation as described in Reference term.


For more information, contact:

José Fábio Soares

telephone: (38) 3223-2285

email: cooperativagrandesertao@gmail.com


Access the Terms of Reference:


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