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Rural communities receive training through project supported by CEPF Cerrado

On February 23 and 24 (2018), the staff of the Bartô Networkthrough the project & #8220; Agroforestry Providing Ecosystem Services & #8221; conducted training in rural communities in the Pipiripau River basin, located in the northeast of the Federal District, 55 km from the center of Brasília (DF).

The new rural settlers of the Agrarian Reform, Roseli Nunes community, received training focused on the importance of collective work, where they were presented notions about the bases of associativism and cooperativism. THE Oziel Alves community had the training focused on presentation of the new Forest Code, where the importance of Permanent Preservation Areas, Legal Reserve, Rural Environmental Registry and Cerrado restoration were emphasized. In all, the training involved 44 people with an average age between 18 and 60 years.

The next steps of the project foresee the conservation of Cerrado areas within the farmers' lot through natural regeneration and planting of seedlings; the maintenance of the legal reserve community areas through a continuous campaign of environmental education and seedling enrichment and the implementation of agroforestry.

The project & #8220; Agroforestry Providing Ecosystem Services & #8221; It is supported by CEPF Cerrado and has as its main objective the beneficiation of family farming communities that are in the Cerrado biome and the RIDE Brasilia, which are part of a key area for biodiversity in Central Brazil. More information about the project at site from CEPF Cerrado.


Training conducted by Rede Bartô in rural communities located around Brasilia (DF). Photos: © Aryanne Amaral




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