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How to submit your proposal to CEPF 2nd Call?

The term for sending proposals to CEPF Cerrado Second Call It now closes on November 8th (2017). 

It is call It is open to community groups and associations, non-governmental organizations, private companies, universities, research institutes and other civil society organizations. Letters of intent should be formulated to Small Projects (up to US$ 50,000) and Large Projects (up to US$ 50,000 and maximum US$ 200,000). Proposals will be accepted in the following Strategic Directions and Investment Priorities:

Strategic Direction 3 - Promote and strengthen the productive chains associated with sustainable use of natural resources and ecological restoration in the hostpot (As defined in the edict).

Investment Priority 4.1- Support the implementation of National Action Plans (NAPs) for priority species, focusing on habitat management and protection (Small Projects Only).

Investment Priority 5.2 - Support the collection and dissemination of water resources quantity and quality monitoring data to integrate and share data on the main hotspot watersheds.

Investment Priority 6.1 - Strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations to participate in collective bodies and processes related to the management of territories and natural resources.


To submit the projects, the tenderer who will apply for the support of Small Projects must submit your proposal through the platform PROSAS. Proponents who will compete for support from Great Projects must submit their proposals through the platform ConservationGrants


Access the full notice of Second call on the CEPF Cerrado website. Specific questions can be taken by email (cepfcerrado@iieb.org.br) or on our website. site.


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