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In contrast to the size of the Cerrado and the scale of threats facing the region, funding opportunities for civil society organizations who wish to engage in conservation activities are currently limited.

CEPF's investment is being used to leverage, reinforce, and expand opportunities for financial as well as technical cooperation in Brazil and abroad, including a tri-national focus with Bolivia and Paraguay as needed.

Key priorities in terms of conservation objectives for the Cerrado over the next five years include:

  • Prevent or minimize the amount of further land deforestation
  • Restore degraded land to rebuild ecological connectivity
  • Expand protected areas

In addition to civil society groups, CEPF investment are targeting local smallholder communities, indigenous and traditional peoples, and civil society networks in great need of capacity building.

The private sector and government engagement are also essential for the successful conservation of the Cerrado. Priorities have been given to strengthening associations and cooperatives of producers, farmers and extractive communities; promoting the integration of sustainable production chains; and creating incentives for sustainable business initiatives.

CEPF is also supporting initiatives that promote dialogue and cooperation between civil society organizations and relevant government agencies.

CEPF investments in the Cerrado are intended to have a permanent impact on civil society's ability to positively influence public policies and private initiatives related to the conservation and sustainable development of the hotspot. By investing in one of the world's most important regions for agricultural inputs, CEPF Cerrado is helping increase the effectiveness and scale of sustainable agribusiness practices.