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Campaign Offsets Cerrado

In June the company launched Campaign Offsets Cerrado for a new model of forest clearing aiming at the recovery and conservation of Cerrado.

The Federal District There is a rule that obliges everyone who clears Cerrado areas for urbanization to compensate for the impacts they have caused. THE legislation regulating compensation, however, is old (Decree 14783, 1993) and its implementation throughout 25 years demonstrated that in order for it to meet its goal, it needs to be updated. *
A group of experts, representatives of government, civil society and the productive sector, within the Cerrado Alliance, worked for two years to formulate a new compensation rule for the DF, which could at the same time bring more benefits and less financial costs. The proposal, which was also reviewed by the Environment Council & #8211; CONAM, is waiting Federal District Government approval.*

For more campaign information visit the official page!

* Text by Cerrado Compensation · Campaign for the signing of the new DF Forest Compensation Decree



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