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Proponents must submit a letter of inquiry, following the templates provided in the Calls Section.

For the Small Grants (up until $50,000) the letters of inquiry are the proposal itself.

For Large Grants ($50,000 - $200,000), if the proposal presented in the letter of inquiry is selected, the proponent will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Proposals eligible for Large Grants must directly apply using the ConservationGrants database. The link to the system will be released in every call!

Proposals eligible for Small Projects must access the Prosas system to register during the opening period of each call, registering as an entrepreneur profile.

Who can apply for CEPF support?

Non-governmental organizations, community groups, private companies, and other civil society candidates can apply to receive CEPF funds. An agency, company or other governmental entity shall be eligible only if it can prove that: 1) it has a legal personality independent of any government agency or actor; 2) has a mandate to apply for and receive private funds and 3) cannot invoke your right to sovereign immunity.

The letter of inquiry form, as well as other supporting documents for proposal submission, are available in the Calls Section.