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Announcement of CEPF major projects postponed until late February

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The International Institute of Education of Brazil (IEB) informs project proponents of the CEPF Cerrado initiative that the deadline for announcing major projects has been modified with an estimate for the end of February.

The process of analysis and selection is taking place beyond the initial date due to the complexity of the proposals and initiatives. In any case, CEPF staff and peer reviewers are working to make the disclosure of the selected as soon as possible.

The notice of the selection of the little ones took place in December 2016. The second call to CEPF Cerrado will be until April 2017.




    • iieb says:

      Hi Carlis,

      Can you send us your CV? If we need more peer reviewers, we'll be happy to call you.

      Thank you, Camila de Castro

  1. Raul Vico says:

    Good afternoon. I wonder how much the result will come out. I understand the difficulties, but it really is difficult to consider this wait in our planning.

    • iieb says:

      Dear Raul,

      You're absolutely right. Nor did we count on such a delay. However, we had 145 proposals and the process of selecting the Big Support is more complex, as it has more steps and goes through a more thorough analysis by the Washington CEPF, which makes the final decision. For our part, here at IEB, we completed all the steps that were under our governance and did everything to make the process go faster. We are starting our relationship with CEPF and we are sure that we will gradually adjust and refine the project selection process. For now, we apologize and a little more patience.

      Thank you for the trust! Camila de Castro

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