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In 2013, the CEPF Donor Council selected the Cerrado biome as one of the priority hotspots and 8 million dollars were allocated to investments in projects from 2016 to 2021. Between 2016 and 2019 the CEPF Cerrado has already made three calls to support projects in the Cerrado. Currently, the Fund has approximately 55 projects, divided into Large and Small Grants.

CEPF projects in the Cerrado are as diverse as the biome itself and the strategies of the Fund. Our project portfolio covers almost the entire territory, with initiatives that take place from Piauí to Mato Grosso do Sul.

Our partners implement payment strategies for environmental services with coffee producers, projects to protect endangered species and work with traditional populations to encourage the management and good use of natural resources in their territories.

An important point for CEPF is to model the portfolio in such a way that interactions between beneficiaries and other hotspot actors are strengthened, possible synergies identified and outcomes enhanced; on a small and large scale.

Therefore, we are identifying similar projects or organizations that are sharing the same territory and may also share strategies that go beyond the original scope of their projects.

Collaboration can be understood in three different ways: (a) increasing knowledge through group learning; (b) the integration of various knowledge that is often isolated in different organizations and projects; and (c) dissemination of good practice to various actors.

The presentation of our portfolio should serve as a stimulus to increase levels of collaboration between our partners and also as a tool to bring new partners to the table. The challenge is to identify when cooperation between partners is desired and has the potential to produce a positive outcome.

However, it can be seen that this first analysis, to facilitate potential collaboration, is often not done, making more strategic cooperation impossible in its cradle.

This publication makes our portfolio more transparent and increases the possibility of connections between projects and solutions not previously imagined by CEPF. This is an excellent development for such a diverse biome as the Cerrado.


Michael Becker
Team Leader of the Regional Implementation Team – CEPF Cerrado