Proposal for the creation of a conservation unit in the city of Uberaba (MG)


Strategic Direction 2: Support the creation and/or expansion and effective management of protected areas.

Institution: Association for the Environmental Management of Triangulo Mineiro & #8211; ANGÁ

Responsible: Gustavo Bernardino Malacco da Silva
Phone: +55 (34) 9 9121-9737

Priority Corridor: Other corridors (Serra da Canastra)
County: (MG) Uberaba

General objective: Carry out social and environmental diagnosis in the region of the Upper Course of the Claro and Uberabinha River Watersheds (Uberaba, MG) that will subsidize, through a proposal to be sent to the competent environmental public agencies, the creation of a Conservation Unit.

Specific objectives:

  • Characterize land use within the proposed limits of the Conservation Unit.
  • Characterize the main abiotic variables.
  • Characterize the different vegetation forms.
  • Characterize the flora, terrestrial (herpetofauna, avifauna, mastofauna) and aquatic (ichthyofauna) fauna.
  • Characterize the resident population, containing the number and average size of properties and the pattern of occupation of the area.
  • To evaluate the main socioeconomic indicators of the municipality covered by the proposal to create a Conservation Unit.
  • Evaluate the benefits and social and environmental impacts of the implementation of the Conservation Unit.

Support amount: U$ 33,505.53

Duration: 22 months (May 2019 to March 2021)


Images provided by ANGÁ

Alectrurus tricolor. Photo: ANGÁ ©Collection
Campos de murundu. Photo: ANGÁ ©Collection
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