Conscious Producer Investment Program


Strategic Direction 1: Promote the adoption of best practices in agriculture

Institution: Cerrado Water Consortium

Responsible: Fabiane Sebaio and Juliano Tarabal
Phone: +55 (34) 98845-0166

Partner Institutions: Expocaccer, Cooxupé, Lavazza, Nescafé, Nespresso

Priority Corridors: Other corridors (RIDE DF- Paranaíba-Abaeté)
County: (MG) Sponsorship

General objective:  The central objective of the PIPC is to establish and implement a strategy to restore the provision of ecosystem services in the basin in the long term through a process of effective engagement with local producers and actors.

Specific objectives:

  • COMPONENT 1: INSTITUTIONAL ENGAGEMENT & #8211; Institutional involvement is a component to ensure the sustainability of interventions and effective collective action. The PIPC has three key objectives with this component: (1) involving producers, (2) reaching a public sector commitment to transfer funds available for the program, (3) involving and communicating with the wider public about the project as a viable option to reconcile agribusiness and climate resilience.
  • COMPONENT 2: CONNECTED LANDSCAPES & #8211; The connected landscape component refers to conservation and restoration actions on each individual property with a focus on landscape impact and the basin as the territory. The need for restoration and conservation is one of the main drivers of the PIPC, since it has the greatest impact on ecosystem services, particularly on conservation.
  • COMPONENT 3: CLIMATICALLY SMART AGRICULTURE - The CCA aims to address three main objectives with this component: to sustainably increase productivity and agricultural yields; adapt and build resistance to climate change; and reduce and / or remove greenhouse gas emissions whenever possible.
  • COMPONENT 4: INSURED WATER RESOURCES & #8211; In order to establish an efficient water monitoring program, it is important to understand in detail the amount of water that is captured, the quantity and quality of water in each hydrographic basin. The objective is to create a network of systems along the Córrego Feio basin to monitor the quality and quantity of water, as well as an effective multi-stakeholder governance structure with producers and the water and sanitation company that allows them to make decisions in a timely manner. shared and timely.
  • COMPONENT 5: FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY & #8211; Establish a financing mechanism for the implementation of a & #8220; Water Fund & #8221 ;. In this approach, a watershed conservation project is centrally based on the constitution of a financial mechanism dedicated to supporting the financing of watershed revitalization and conservation activities, and the payment of rewards associated with these activities, since the resource is available.

Support amount: U$ 400,068.18

Duration: 26 months (May 2019 to June 2021)


Images provided by the Consórcio Cerrado das Águas 

Photo: Cerrado Consórcio das Águas ©Collection
Photo: Cerrado Consórcio das Águas ©Collection
Photo: Cerrado Consórcio das Águas ©Collection
Photo: Cerrado Consórcio das Águas ©Collection
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