Mapping “Invisible” Traditional Communities to Support Cerrado Conservation in Brazil


Strategic Direction 2: Support the creation and/or expansion and effective management of protected areas.

Institution: Amazon Environmental Research Institute - IPAM

Partner Institutions: Society, Population and Nature Institute (ISPN); UnB; UFG / LAPIG and Rede Cerrado

Responsible: Ane Auxiliadora Costa Alencar
Phone: + 55 (61) 2109-4150 / 2196-0942

Priority Corridor: MATOPIBA Central; Veadeiros- Pouso Alto-Kalungas; Sertão Veredas-Peruaçu and Mirador-Mesas
County: All Priority Corridor Municipalities
Protected Areas: 31 UCs Within Priority Corridors



General objective: Identify and map areas of social and environmental relevance for the conservation of the Cerrado.

Specific objectives:

  • Consolidate a spatial database on traditional communities and map traditional “invisible” communities in priority regions.
  • Identify and map critical areas of potential loss of natural habitat (deforestation) that are and will affect traditional communities in priority corridors.
  • Develop a communication strategy to disseminate results to local communities, governments and civil society and involve traditional communities in the use of this information.

Support amount: U$ 300,000.00

Duration: 34 months (July 2018 to April 2021)


Images provided by IPAM & ISPN

Photo: ©Isabel Figueiredo/ISPN & IPAM Collection
Photo: IPAM ©Collection
Photo: ©Thiago Foresti / IPAM Collection
Photo: ©Isabel Figueiredo/ISPN & IPAM Collection


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