Cerrado Women's Meeting


Institution: ECOA & #8211; Ecology and Action

Responsible: Nathalia Eberhardt Ziolkowski
Email: nathalia@riosvivos.org.br
Phone: +55 (67) 3324-3230

Corridor: All corridors
Protected Areas: No

General objective: To hold three events towards the strengthening, articulating and visibility of the socio-political and economic organization of women in the Brazilian Cerrado. The Cerrado Women's Meeting, led by the articulation-National Campaign in Defense of the Cerrado; II Meeting of CerraPan - Women Producers of the Cerrado and Pantanal; and Debate held during the celebrations related to the National Cerrado Day.

Specific objectives:

  • Strengthen the political organization of women in the Cerrado, based on a self-organized dialogue between their resistance and knowledge and the mobilization of 110 women from the 10 states of the Brazilian Cerrado;
  • Giving social visibility to the experiences of women in the Cerrado as protagonists of the environmental and political resilience of peoples and the biome and their agroecological practices, through the exchange of experience between them and the systematization of knowledge sharing as well as the socio-political empowerment of these women to act in spaces in defense of the cerrado;
  • Build solidarity with the challenges faced by women in the territories through the political empowerment of women in the surrounding communities.
  • Promote the meeting of women from 8 groups, totaling the average participation of 30 women, organized in communities and settlements of the Cerrado and Pantanal to rediscuss the CerraPan Network;
  • Create political agenda for CerraPan Network to strengthen women's groups participating in the Network;
  • Provide spaces for exchange of experiences in the territory and on women's struggle for survival;
  • Define strategies for operating the CerraPan Network.
  • In commemoration of the Cerrado Day, the Cerrado Network will promote meeting with debates and exchange spaces between cerrado's people.

Support amount: R$ 64,965.00

Duration: Closed (June 2019 to December 2020)


Cerrado National Meeting of Women
Cerrado National Meeting of Women. Photo: A. Amaral / IEB Collection
Cerrado National Meeting of Women. Photo: A. Amaral / IEB Collection
CerraPan Plenary - with representatives of the member and invited communities. Photo: Luana Campos / ECOA Collection



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