Cerrado Water Consortium: a network for the provision of ecosystem services and agricultural sustainability


Strategic Direction 3: Promote and strengthen the supply chains associated with sustainable use of natural resources and ecological restoration.

Institution: Forestry and Agricultural Management and Certification Institute & #8211; IMAFLORA

Partner Institutions: Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation, IMAFLORA, IUCN, UTZ, Cooxupé, Nespresso, Lavazza, Illy Café, Cervivo, Cerrado University Center & #8211; Unicerp, Department of Water and Wastewater Sponsorship & #8211; DAEPA and IPÊ Institute

Responsible: Eduardo Trevisan Gonçalves
Email:  eduardo@imaflora.org
Telephone: + 55 (19) 3429-0800

Corridor: Other corridors (RIDE-Paranaíba-Abaeté and Serra da Canastra)
County: 64 counties
Protected Areas: 17 Protected Areas: 1 National Park, 3 State Parks and 13 Private Natural Heritage Reserves



General objective: To influence the creation of public policies that promote the conservation and restoration of Cerrado ecosystems, improving the sustainability of agricultural supply chains.

Specific objectives:

  • Develop a regional strategy for the entire Cerrado Mineiro region, focusing on landscape management, conservation of natural vegetation, ecological restoration, adoption of best management practices by agricultural supply chains, provision of ecosystem services and territorial development.
  • Develop a strategic plan for the implementation of a PES mechanism in the municipality of Patrocínio that connects the public and private sectors and can serve as a model for building sustainable and productive landscapes that combine agricultural production, carbon sequestration and water conservation.
  • Strengthen the Cerrado Water Consortium, an initiative that brings together different local organizations and the coffee chain: Federação dos Cafeicultores do Cerrado, IMAFLORA, IUCN, UTZ, Cooxupé, Nespresso, Cervivo, Centro Universitário do Cerrado – Unicerp, Departamento de Água e Esgoto de Patrocínio – DAEPA and Instituto IPÊ.

Support amount: U$ 193,035.00

Duration: Closed (July 2017 to December 2019)


Images provided by IMAFLORA

Photo: ©IMAFLORA Collection
Photo: ©IMAFLORA Collection



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