Networking and social participation for the conservation of the Cerrado


Strategic Direction 6: Strengthen the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations to Promote Better Territorial Management

Institution: ActionAid & National Campaign in Defense of the Cerrado

Responsible: Emmanuel Ponte and Helena Rodrigues Lopes
Phone: +55 (21) 2190-4600

Priority Corridor: Mirador-Mesas
County: Gilbués, Santa Filomena, Bom Jesus, Balsas, São Raimundo das Mangabeiras, Loreto, Carolina, Riachão, Babaçulândia and Wanderlândia



General objective: The project aims to strengthen a national network of organizations concerned with the future of the Cerrado and its peoples through the National Campaign in Defense of the Cerrado. The campaign seeks to value the biodiversity and cultures of the Cerrado people and communities fighting for their conservation, where the theme “No Cerrado, no water, no life” reinforces the Cerrado's central role in water supply in the country.

Specific objectives:

  • Generate applied knowledge to support the defense of territorial rights and conservation of the Cerrado at institutional sites.
  • Develop leadership capacities and participation in institutional settings.

Support amount: U$ 162,453.96

Duration: 23 months (January 2019 to December 2020)


Images provided by ActionAid

Photo: ©Helder Tavares/ ActionAid Collection
Eliziene in her garden. Photo: ActionAid ©Collection
Riozinho, Chupé Community. Santa Filomena, Piaui. Community residents report pesticide contamination in Rio during the winter. That is when the farms use it and with the rains, everything goes down to the rivers of the Communities. Photo: ©Andressa Zumpano / ActionAid Collection
Jonathan and Jorge, Gamella children from Vão do Vico Indigenous Territory, Santa Filomena, Piauí. In the photo are looking at a monocle with old photos of family members. Photo: ©Andressa Zumpano / ActionAid Collection
Seu Didi, Melancias territory. Riacho dos Cavalos Community. Gilbués, Piaui. This place was his old house, which today is surrounded by the Dawn Farm. He came in to show us what the community looked like before the houses were destroyed. Photo: ©Andressa Zumpano / ActionAid Collection
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