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CEPF Cerrado first call

Interested in participating in the announcement may subscribe in Portuguese the great support

acervo-ispn-bento-viana-6                              Photo: Bento Viana / ISPN Collection

The International Institute of Education of Brazil (IEB) informs that those interested in applying for the CEPF Cerrado public notice can apply in Portuguese for the big grants, with values over $ 20,000. The decision was made by the CEPF team to facilitate the registration of stakeholders.

Also available are maps with priority and non-priority biodiversity corridors, priority and non-priority Key Areas for Biodiversity Conservation (KBAs) and Cerrado boundaries in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay in KML for interested parties to observe if their areas are covered in the notice. click here to download the file and check out the tutorial for using the map in Google Earth.

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