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In the month of the Cerrado, traditional peoples and communities raise voices in defense of the biome

by Thays Puzzi, Communication Officer of the Cerrado Network

IX Meeting and Fair of the Cerrado People, promoted by the Cerrado Network, was attended by approximately seven thousand people. Seminars, workshops, shows and marketing of sociobiodiversity products moved the federal capital from September 11 to 14

Opening table at the IX Cerrado Peoples Meeting and Fair. Photo: A. Amaral / IEB Collection

Cerrado: What reminds you of him? Even if some still do not realize or do not know, this Biome is rich in diversity. There is culture, there are people, there are plants, there are animals, there is life! And this can be experienced by the almost seven thousand people who attended the ninth edition of the Cerrado People's Meeting and Fair, which took place in Brasília, in September 11-14. Seminars, workshops, shows, commercialization of socio-biodiversity products, as well as the traditional Log Race gave rise to the riches and main demands of the Biome, the indigenous peoples, quilombolas and traditional communities that were the protagonists of the event, which began, not by chance, on the National Cerrado Day.

With the theme 'For the Living Cerrado: Territory, Diversity and Democracy', the Cerrado People's Meeting and Fair, promoted by the Cerrado Network, was a space for meetings, celebration, denunciations, struggles and resistance. “It was very gratifying because we joined forces for a common fight that is the defense of the Cerrado. I participate since the first edition and experience this union, presenting our wealth and products was very good, ”said Lucely Pio, quilombola and raizeira that, besides bringing cosmetics based on medicinal plants of the Cerrado, presented the participants giving a workshop on health of the woman. In all, 18 workshops were held during the event with the participation of more than 750 people. Different topics were approached, such as gender, youth, territorial management, neo-extractivism, socio-environmental conflicts, production and marketing of agro-extractive products, among others.

Opening Ceremony of the IX Meeting and Fair of the Cerrado People. Photo: © A. Amaral / IEB Collection

#8220; My feeling is one of happiness, of fulfillment. Due to the situation we are living, this meeting was very important. A victory for each of us who together in this Network made our event happen. We need to get the attention of the whole society. We ask you to help us take care of the Cerrado, to combat all the evil that is happening to it. ”, vented Maria do Socorro Teixeira Lima, babassu coconut breaker and general coordinator of Rede Cerrado.

With a mixture of feelings reflected in her eyes, she remembered all the problems faced by the Cerrado, their traditional peoples and communities. Currently, it is the most threatened biome in Brazil. More than half of the original Cerrado vegetation has been cleared. It, which is the second largest biome in the country, occupying 24% from all over the country, concentrates 30% from all the country's biodiversity and 5% of the planet's biodiversity. In addition, it is in the Cerrado that eight of the twelve river basins in Brazil are located, supplying six of the eight major river basins in the country. It is in the Cerrado, for example, where are three of the main aquifers in Brazil: Bambuí, Urucuia and Guarani. The indiscriminate advance of large monocultures in the Biome has directly affected the sociobiodiversity and waters of the Cerrado, responsible for supplying much of the country.

Seminar & #8220; The Importance of Peoples and Communities for Cerrado Conservation & #8221; in Brasilia, DF on National Cerrado Day. Photo: © A. Amaral / IEB Collection

In addition, the region Midwest of Brazil, almost entirely occupied by the Cerrado, is in second position when it comes to the increase in the number of forest fires (behind the Amazon), presenting a 100% increase in the number of fire outbreaks compared to 2018 data, according to the National Institute of Space Research (INPE). In early September, for example, the fire in the Chapada dos Guimarães National Park, located in Mato Grosso, destroyed nearly 4,000 hectares of its area.

Read the Policy Letter of the IX Cerrado Peoples Meeting and Fairs and this full article on site from the Cerrado Network!

THE Cerrado Network counts with support from CEPF Cerrado to execute the project “Network strengthened, Cerrado conserved”, which aims to broaden the political impact of the Network on the elaboration, implementation and monitoring of public policies promoting sustainable development, respecting the rights of family farmers, peoples and traditional communities. During the IX Cerrado Meeting and Peoples Fair, the Cerrado Network and some CEPF Cerrado partner institutions promoted important discussions related to topics such as gender and territory, fair and solidary trade in the baru chain, territorial and environmental management in the Cerrado indigenous lands, socio-environmental conflicts in MATOPIBA and the marketing of Cerrado agroextractive products.

Stay tuned, as soon we will publish more news about the unfolding of these discussions during the IX Meeting and Fair of the Cerrado Peoples!

The Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund is a joint initiative of the French Development Agency, Conservation International, the European Union, Global Environmental Management, the Government of Japan and the World Bank. A key goal is to ensure that civil society is involved in biodiversity conservation.



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