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CEPF Cerrado announces first call for proposals

Interested parties should apply by September 30th

Vista da terra indígena Krahô. (View of Indigenous Land Kraho)
View of Krahô Indigenous Land Photo: ISPN Collection / Peter Caton

The Brazilian International Institute of Education (IEB), as the Regional Implementation Team (RIT) of the Cerrado Biodiversity Hotspot Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF), issues the first call for letters of intent for the initiative.

The call is divided into two groups: big grants for proposals over $ 20,000; and small grants for proposals up to $ 20,000. Community groups and associations, non-governmental organizations, private companies, universities, research institutes and other civil society organizations may apply. In addition to these, companies or government institutions may apply provided they meet the requirements set forth in the notice.

Interested parties have until September 30 to submit their proposals. To check the full notice click here.

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